Solas 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended or supported Rian’s 2022 Solas Awards Luncheon!

Solas is the Irish word for light, and the Solas Award is presented to inspirational individuals and beacons of light, whose values resonate with Rian’s mission to create a society where ALL are welcomed and valued and enjoy equal opportunities and protections.

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Jules Latouche
Ron O’Hanley

Honoring Jules Latouche, an immigrant from Haiti, for her immense courage and resilience in overcoming systemic barriers while advocating for her medically complex toddler. Today, she supports other immigrant parents who face similar institutional obstacles to accessing life-saving care for their children.

Honoring Ron O’Hanley, Chairman and CEO at State Street, for his bold leadership, commitment to inclusion, and support for refugees, especially at a time of such global unrest. Rian recognizes State Street and Ron O’Hanley in their efforts to advocate for all immigrants and refugees against any and all forms of violence and injustice.

Honoring Lenita Reason, Executive Director of the Brazilian Worker Center (BWC), and Chrystel Murrieta Ruiz, Political Coordinator at SEIU Local 32BJ – New England District 615, for their unfaltering leadership in advancing the Work and Family Mobility Act as Co-Chairs of the Driving Families Forward Coalition. This bill will enable all qualified Massachusetts residents to apply for a standard state driver’s license, regardless of immigrant status.

Lenita Reason
Chrystel Murrieta Ruiz

Thank you to this year’s Solas Sponsors! Watch our Solas Sponsor slideshow here.

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