Volunteer with Us

Please consider volunteering to help us welcome and assist newcomers and immigrants! Inquiries and resume submission can be directed via email to volunteering@riancenter.org. Click here to get started by submitting your volunteer application form!

Each year at the Rian Immigrant Center, volunteers contribute thousands of hours of their time. Their support of our staff and the immigrant and refugee families we serve is essential to our programs. They are university students gaining real-life experience in their field of study, attorneys and teachers offering professional services to the immigrant families with whom we work, and retired and working people looking to give back to their communities. You too can be part of our team.  Whether you can contribute five hours each year, or five hours each day, we can use your help. There are a range of opportunities available in Immigration Legal Services, Education, Resource and Support Services, Advocacy, Learning Exchange Programs, Communications, as well as assisting with events and more, including:

  • Welcoming and assisting immigrant and refugee families through Guest Services
  • Assisting at legal services forms clinics (attorneys and law students)
  • Teaching and tutoring English
  • Mentoring immigrants preparing for the citizenship exam
  • Adding your voice to intercultural conversations through our inclusion program
  • Joining our reserve volunteer list to help with special projects as needed

These opportunities offer a chance for you to meet people from around the world, work toward social justice and to be part of a team of people dedicated to supporting newcomers to this country. Volunteering and interning with the Rian Immigrant Center provides an opportunity to learn new skills, gain valuable job experience and have fun. We also work with student interns using the experience for credit or to fulfill a requirement.

Volunteering at the Rian Immigrant Center is an enriching and fun experience. The Rian Immigrant Center has made me feel like a valued member of the team and every day I find myself learning something new.”

– Kasey DiLoreto, 2018 Intern

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