A word on the caravan

Imagine living in a society where, instead of fostering fear and shutting our borders to families who are seeking asylum, refuge and safety, we could find a way to work together to make preparations for welcoming them and attending to their needs.

Set to the side the philosophical and political debates on this issue, and pause to reflect on women and children who are currently walking hundreds of miles – wearing flip flops and with little sustenance – to find stability, to escape life-threatening danger, and to build a better tomorrow. Surely they fleeing something horrific.

More than 90% of a recent and similar migrant group passed their “credible fear” interviews with the Department of Homeland Security. This means they have officially overcome the second hurdle in their journey towards asylum and have, in the eyes of our government, demonstrated a real need to find safety and start a new life in this country.Before we rush to judgment, let’s pause for a moment to think about this on a human and compassionate level, and to see the goodness, the hope, and the light that people bring rather than finding difference and fear. We ought to honor families, who have risked everything, for their courage and strength.

Let’s fulfill the promise of America by opening our hearts and communities to those in need.

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