Why We’re Here

Creating Pathways to New Beginnings

We empower immigrants and refugees from more than 120 countries by providing the legal, educational and resource and support services they need to build successful lives. Building on our Irish roots of welcoming others and social justice, we help newcomers find community, and we stand up for immigration policies that are humane and just. America is a nation of immigrants. We are proud to continue the tradition of welcoming immigrants to this country, working together to create a better future for all.



Our Mission

The Rian Immigrant Center empowers immigrant and refugee families on the path to opportunity, safety, and a better future for all. We do this by providing legal, educational and resource and support services; advocating for just and humane immigration policies; and building community through our inclusion, civic engagement, and international exchange programs. As New England’s Welcome Center for immigrant and refugee families, we seek to be proactive, responsive and innovative in meeting the needs of immigrant families.

Our vision is of a shared society where all people are welcomed, valued, and enjoy equal opportunities and protections.