The Rian Immigrant Center works to ensure that the United States and Massachusetts are welcoming to newcomers from around the world, because all residents deserve justice, equity, and dignity.

We work in partnership with the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) and many other community based organizations to promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform and advocate for the rights and opportunities of all immigrants and refugees.

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Driver’s License Bill & Safe Communities Act (An Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility)

How you can help

Small actions make a big difference. Show your support for positive immigration reform. Become educated about the issues, attend rallies, sign petitions, and spread awareness. Contact your state representative to communicate your support for critical legislation.

Most importantly, vote for officials who have pledged to support positive immigration reform. Your vote counts. To learn more about becoming a US citizen – and a registered voter – please attend one of our free clinics. Learn more here.

To learn more, email us at; or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Safe Communities Act and Driver’s License Bill (An Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility)

During the early 2020 legislative cycle, the Rian Immigrant Center, as a member of the Safe Communities Coalition, advocated for the passage of the Safe Communities Act (SCA) which would protect the civil rights, safety and well-being of all residents by drawing a clear line between immigration enforcement and public safety. The Massachusetts Senate has officially extended the Safe Communities Act bill to May 1st. The Safe Communities Coalition now has time to work with the Public Safety Committee and all stakeholders to ensure we get the support we need to get this bill passed. Please follow the Massachusetts Safe Communities Coalition to learn about how to get involved.

Rian Immigrant Center partners with Enroot to support local immigrant youth!

BOSTON, MA (09/08/21) With funding from the Cabot Family Charitable Trust, The Rian
Immigrant Center (formerly the Irish International Immigrant Center), is launching a
partnership with Enroot, a non-profit organization that empowers immigrant students to
achieve academic, career and personal success through inspiring out of school
experiences. Learn more details and read the full press release here!


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