Computer Courses

Basic Skills Computers Course

Our Basic Skills Computer Course is available to anyone that is interested in learning computer skills. We offer computer courses for adults with little or no experience with computers. Learners must attend at least 15 hours of class time and complete a final project. 

Skills you will learn:

* Use Google applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs & Google Slides

* Send and download attachments in Gmail

*Write formal and informal emails

*Learn about internet safety

*Improve your typing and mouse skills

*Learn about resources in the Boston area using the Boston Public Library system

*Learn about job search sites to assist in career development

*Write a resume

How do I apply?

Please contact Erin Chubb, our Computer Course Instructor, at: (617) 681-7436 or

Laptop Loaning Program

Through the Student Laptop Loaning Program, the Education Services team is able to provide students and clients with free access to working Chromebooks. The purpose of the program is to help close the gap of inequity that exists due to lack of affordable technology. Upon signing our Laptop Loaning Agreement Form, any Education Services student and/or client can borrow a Chromebook through our department. The student and/or client may continue to borrow the Chromebook free of charge so long as the individual remains actively enrolled in one or more of the department’s programs.

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