Citizenship Tutoring

Citizenship Tutoring

Anyone in the greater Boston Community can join Rian’s Citizenship Tutoring program. Adults who are currently eligible for US citizenship can work one-on-one with a tutor online to learn about the US naturalization process, prepare for the citizenship test, and prepare for the oath ceremony. Participation in Rian’s ESOL or IAP programs is not required, but anyone who wants to join the Citizenship Tutoring program needs to answer these questions on our website and complete a free phone consultation with a Rian lawyer before starting tutoring.

How do I apply ?

If you are interested in the Citizenship Tutoring Program, please email the program manager, Elena Ruiz at, or call 617-960-9875.

How much does the program cost?

This program is free for everyone!

What is the tutoring schedule?

The student and tutor decide together what day and time works best for their meetings. Students and tutors meet for 1 hour, one day a week on Zoom. If you don’t have a computer to use for tutoring, you can join our Chromebook Loaning Program and borrow a laptop.

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