Engaging New Citizens

This past week, we were delighted to hear that the Fish Family Foundation has awarded us a major grant to expand our Citizenship Engagement Program to assist new citizens as they become active members of their communities and build financially stable lives.

I am very grateful to the Fish Family Foundation for their generosity, leadership and long-standing support for tens of thousands of immigrants through the naturalization process.

We know that immigrants have a great deal to offer America. Immigrants are courageous, entrepreneurial, and care deeply about their communities. Passing the USCIS interview is just the first step towards becoming an active and successful citizen; truly engaged new citizens will help create a much better future for all.

Our program includes personalized consultations for those on the journey towards citizenship and coaching on community engagement, further education, and financial success. We are also excited to be expanding our Inclusion program to include round-table discussions that bring civic leaders together with new citizens to share stories of immigration and what it means to be an American.

All of this builds community and helps us become a society where all are welcomed and valued, and enjoy equal opportunities and protections. And at the risk of “sounding like a broken record,” we need to keep aspiring to that ideal, especially in the current environment.

Wishing you a great weekend,

PS: Congratulations to Alima, an IIIC citizenship student who officially gained US citizenship in August! Alima participated in a number of Education Services courses and enjoyed her naturalization ceremony right down the road from our center at Faneuil Hall. She is pictured above (center) with our educators Marisa (left) and Erin (right).

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