IIIC Expands Legal Services in Cambridge

Another week, another Draconian, anti-immigrant policy proposed by our President and his Administration. The threat to end birthright citizenship via executive order is an irresponsible attempt to fuel hatred and pander to an anti-immigrant base. With the mid-terms approaching, it is clear that our nation needs healing, reconciliation and empathetic elected officials.

At the IIIC, while we speak out against these policies, we remain committed to working towards a society where all are welcomed and valued and enjoy equal opportunities and protections. We continue to respond to growing community demand and to expand and diversify our services, meeting the urgent needs of immigrants at this time.

In line with this, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a major, two year grant from the Cambridge Community Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to provide more legal services for immigrant families from Cambridge and the surrounding communities who are facing detention or possible deportation.

We are very, very grateful to the Cambridge Community Foundation and Mayor Marc McGovern for his leadership. Earlier this year, CCF funded an expansion of our immigration legal services work with immigrant youth in Cambridge who are attending public schools. When undocumented and low-income youth gain legal status and work authorization they are able to access institutes of higher learning by applying for financial aid and can take meaningful steps towards a professional career.

Finally, please do not hesitate to refer your friends, family, and neighbors to us at the IIIC – no matter where you are located. We are always here to provide support, lend a hand, or to connect you with appropriate service agencies.

Wishing you a good weekend, please keep our immigrant and refugee communities in mind when you enter the poll booth on November 6th!

Warm wishes,


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