Real emergencies vs. sham emergencies

The administration has spent the past few weeks spreading invented rhetoric about a sham “emergency” at the southern border. This artificial emergency has drawn my attention to the real emergencies that immigrants and refugees here in Massachusetts and across the country face every day. Our team at the IIIC are on the front lines attending to these crises, and I am so impressed with their willingness to always go the extra mile for the families that we serve.

I’d like to share a few REAL emergencies that we have seen in the immigrant community. In all of these instances, an IIIC staff member has stepped in to make a life-changing, and often a life-saving, difference:

When a parent does not show up to pick up their child from school because they have been detained by ICE. That’s an emergency!

When an immigrant survivor of domestic violence cannot call the police for fear of being separated from their children. That’s an emergency!

When an immigrant is too fearful to access desperately needed health care services because they are worried about revealing their legal status. That’s an emergency! 

When a child has to represent themselves in immigration court because they cannot access an attorney. That’s an emergency!

When an immigrant family with temporary protected status, who have lived in the United States for over 20 years, must face deportation. That’s an emergency!

When an immigrant battling mental health challenges is faced with a family tragedy, loss of sobriety, or a traumatic situation. That’s an emergency! 

When an immigrant spouse and baby cannot be reunited with their family in the United States, and are indefinitely stuck in limbo, because they are from a Muslim banned country. That’s an emergency!

When an immigrant is discriminated against, bullied, and put in harms way because they do not speak or understand English well enough. That’s an emergency! 

At this time, we really need to focus on what is urgent and important, and not be distracted by all the drama of an invented emergency.

Best wishes,

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