St. Valentines Day: To Immigrants with Love

On St. Valentine’s Day we celebrate love and all our loved ones.

This week, we learned through the government shutdown negotiations that 48,019 immigrant detainees are presently being separated from their loved ones by ICE, and being held in prison cells. Congress funds ICE to imprison an astonishing 40,500 immigrants at any given time, and ICE’s unchecked increase in detention is alarming: “ICE spends first and then runs to Congress to pay for the over-spend.”

Keep in mind that immigration matters are civil and not criminal offences, and therefore most of these detentions are violations of human rights, justice, and of our core values as a welcoming nation.

Families have been torn apart by the administration’s Deportation Machine, leaving mothers, fathers, and children brokenhearted on this Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of other immigrant families are living in fear and apprehension of deportation or losing their immigration status as TPS, DACA, green card applications, family reunifications, and work permit applications all hang in the balance.

The world is crying out for more love, kindness, and gentleness. Join us in the #ToImmigrantsWithLove campaign this year by writing a short note saying that you stand in solidarity with immigrants, no matter what.

In love and solidarity,
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