Boston Unity Cup Brings Community Together Through Sport

Team Ireland #1 are pictured here at the stage games back in July. Ronnie Millar, our Executive Director is pictured on the far right in the photo.

The Boston Unity Cup (now part of the Soccer Unity Project) is a city-wide adult soccer tournament celebrating Boston’s diverse immigrant community around a shared passion for sport. Hosted in collaboration with local leaders, community organizations, non-profit programs, and the City of Boston Mayor’s Office, the competition has 20 different countries represented, a true testament to the power of partnership and what our city can do when we come together. Rian was delighted to be involved in this wonderful event again this year, and to coordinate this year’s Team Ireland (x2) for the tournament.  Team Ireland played their first stage games back in July and as the tournament was postponed due to a heatwave in July, the second round stage games didn’t happen until October.  Many of the players from July were unavailable in October, so we practically had a whole new Team Ireland for the October games!  Thank you to all the players from both teams for your dedication and commitment. While we may not have advanced to the finals, new connections and friendships were made, and in true Irish fashion,  great ‘craic’ was had.

The Boston Unity Cup Finals took place on Saturday, November 5th at Madison Park Stadium.  Congratulations to the 2022 tournament winning teams – Cape Verde (Men’s team) & Honduras (Women’s team) both pictured below!

Team Ireland #2 . A big thank you to Colin Hamell for playing for the Ireland team in July, and for managing and coordinating the team for the stage games in October. Colin is pictured here back row, left.
Champions! Honduras Women’s team
Cape Verde Men’s team
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